Afstuderen in een ander land!

Afstuderen in een ander land!

Hoi, allemaal! My name is Marek Freier (right on the photo), and I was born 23 years ago in Wiesbaden, Germany.

I study environmental engineering/environmental process engineering at Hochschule RheinMain located in Rüsselsheim am Main. If you had told me six months ago that I would end up in Winterswijk, I wouldn’t have believed you. But It happened! and I am glad that I ended up here.

Since the 2nd of November, I am an Intern at Colubris Cleantech. Therefore, I am part of the R&D-department. My target here is to establish a concept to treat white meat slaughterhouse wastewater. Furthermore, the concept gets converted into a pilot plant that is supposed to prove that our concept works. Of course, I was curious to collect my first working experience in the field of my studies.

All colleagues I talked to are amiable and interested. On top of that, they really know what they are talking about, here, excellent knowledge gets combined to establish great environmental solutions for their customers.

Besides, for the internship I/we (fellow Student/friend) moved to Winterswijk. Unfortunately, there is not much to do during Corona times. However, I still enjoyed and enjoy the things you have around Winterswijk. Thus, it has a rural side, and I enjoy taking walks with my colleagues during lunch break (it’s not a common thing in Germany) or just on my own through the mooi centre of Winterswijk.

If someone asked me for cultural differences, my conclusion would be that there are no significant differences. What I have to admit is that the supermarkets are strangely different organized than German supermarkets. I struggled the first time (still struggle) to find the things I was looking for. Another point I mentioned before is that a walk during lunch break is not standard in Germany. Of course, I also enjoy a lekker “Kroketbroodje” when it’s a colleague’s birthday.

Still, it feels special to be here. I think that’s mostly attributable to the different language everyone is speaking around you. I am looking forward to another three months here, and would totally recommend Colubris Cleantech for an internship.


Hello! My name is Maximilian (left on the photo). I am 24 years old, was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In October 2017, I started to study Environmental Engineering with a focus on process engineering at the Hochschule Rhein-Main in Rüsselsheim. Currently, I am in the last semester and in the Netherlands to finish my Bachelor degree.

Therefore, I am doing my Internship since 01.11.2020 at Colubris Cleantech. The department I am working for is dealing with a research project and with their help I am planning and developing the process which is going to be implemented in an already existing waste water treatment plant. 

The internship itself is very exciting and I am grateful despite the situation with Corona to be able to complete my practical phase in a foreign country. At the beginning of the internship, I had some concerns about the workflow, but everyone in the company is doing their best to make the internship a success. If I have any organizational questions or problems, my supervisor from Innovatiehub will take care of an answer or solution as soon as he can.

It's a bit weird sometimes, as my life currently consists of just working and hanging out at home.  Socializing outside of work is very difficult, but I don't regret my decision because I can gain a lot of experience.

There are many foods in the Netherlands, which we do not have in Germany. On the one hand, this is great because I discover so many new products, but on the other hand, I always have to bring the new discoveries to my friends back home, which is bad for my wallet.

There are of course other small cultural differences but I have settled in well and like the Dutch mentality and way of life very much.


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