Eijkelkamp Spectrometer (UV/Vis)

In industrial production facilities of various types, large quantities of water are used. This water can be used as part of the production process (e.g. washing, extraction, transportation, …) or it can be used in secondary processes (e.g. heating and cooling, cleaning of installations and buildings, sanitary facilities for personnel, …). As part of its use, the water will become contaminated with materials used in the production process as well as specific additives, such as cleaning agents. This contaminated wastewater in many cases requires treatment before it complies with regulations, which is necessary before it can be discharged.

In food and feed industry, process water becomes contaminated with organic matter from the products processed. The removal of these, down to an acceptable level, by the water treatment on site needs to be monitored in order to manage the treatment processes and to check compliance with allowed discharge concentrations. For this monitoring online water quality sensors can be used.

The use of water quality sensors in wastewater is challenging. Sensors can become dirty and require frequent cleaning to remain operational. Such manual cleaning is not desirable, and automatic cleaning procedures are necessary.

A particularly challenging environment is the wastewater of slaughterhouses. Next to high levels of dissolved organic matter, this water also contains a high level of solids from the slaughtering process (fat, meat, hair, …) as well as from the cleaning of the facilities (blood, manure, …). In such an environment sensors become inoperable very quickly.

The Eijkelkamp spectrometer UV/Vis spectrometer is an in-situ sensor used to monitor important parameters in wastewater treatment. This sensor is highly robust, which makes it possible to use aggressive cleaning processes. Its large operational temperature range (0 – 110oC) make it a unique proposition. Eijkelkamp is developing a cleaning solution to make possible the use of this spectrometer in the very challenging slaughterhouse wastewater, an application where no other water quality sensors have been able to function.

You will test the functionality of the designed cleaning device at Eijkelkamp (including wet testing with actual wastewater). May include programming of cleaning cycle actions in PLC. You will communicate results and ideas for improvements with Eijkelkamp R&D. Their will be on-site testing of the spectrometer and the cleaning device in a slaughterhouse; which includes:

  • Sensor installation
  • Sensor maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Data validation

Your profile

  • You are a teamplayer with excelent communication skills
  • You are enthusiastic about the equipment and seek sollutions instead of problems. 
  • You have a Dutch driving liscence 

Our offer
We offer you excellent supervision and the opportunity to work with uniqcue and highly soffisticated equipment. Furthermore we provide a financial compensation of €300,-/mth and a reimbursement of travel expences. 

Eijkelkamp Spectrometer (UV/Vis)
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